The Ruusan Reformations were passed in the year 24,053.  They were a set of legislative points passed by the Galactic Senate in the wake of the Seventh Battle of Ruusan.  Most of these laws were in effect until the formation of the Empire, though some were openly broken at times.

Key Components Edit

  • The Jedi were no longer permitted to maintain an army.

The Emperor broke most of these laws.

  • The Jedi had to at least pretend to be at the service of the Senate.
  • The Jedi Service Corps was created to prevent lousy Jedi from wandering off and becoming Sith Lords.
  • Sectors were reorganized to provide better representation.
  • The Senate would no longer permit food and drink during legislative sessions.
  • The Jawa Football League was granted antitrust exemption conditional on their willingness to expand broadcast rights.
  • The Supreme Chancellor would be required to attend at least three Senate sessions per year, and not fall asleep.
  • No Sith Lord is ever allowed to be elected to the Senate.
  • Supreme Chancellors could be removed from office through a Senate vote.
  • The Republic Facial Hair Awards would no longer be used to determine which planets were given veto power.

Failed Measures Edit

  • The Republic Calendar would be officially reset to zero.
  • Jedi were not allowed to kill people without express written consent of the Senate.
  • Non-Human votes would count the same as Human votes.
  • Twi'Lek women would be encouraged to put on some clothes.

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