Rum Sleg was a male bounty hunter. He was present in Mos Espa around the time of the Boonta Eve Classic podrace in 32 BBY.                                            

Ol Rummy..............hells yeah

The skull-like face set in his helmet was one of ornament only, and not Rum's true face, so he could have been a representative of any of the thousands

of humanoid species in the galaxy, but still hightly capable of beating the hell out of anyone that messed with him. He was trully One BMF. 

His true face was so awesome, that only the ladies were allowed to see it, and only when riding in his most awesome ship. Rum Sleg was also a great pilot,

and his ship was called the Crusader, which somewhat resembled a 1971 Pontiac GTO.


The Awesome Crusader

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