Roron was an Ithorian Jedi who fought in the Battle Of Coruscant. He, along with Shaak Ti and Foul Moudama, fought to protect Chancellor Palpatine from General Grievous when the General invaded Coruscant. After Shaak Ti escaped with the Chancellor, Roron made a last stand against Grievous alongside Moudama, B'ink Utrila and Roth-Del Masona. All four were killed, and Grievous continued his pursuit of Ti and Palpatine.

Trivia Edit

Corobb had invented a technique to improve passenger elevator efficiency and speed. He called it the "Push the Button Several Times Maneuver". Scientists later confirmed that any perceived speed improvement resulting from pushing the button several times was always a coincidence. Nevertheless, dumbasses all over the galaxy continue to believe that it helps.

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