When first meeting the Rebels on his home planet of Endor, Romba was all about eating them and worshipping C-3PO. But in time, he came to see that these new friends could help them get rid of the invaders that had come to their planet.

Romba fought valiantly in the Battle Of Endor. He strangled some Stormtroopers with some bolas, launched some catapults, fired some arros with his trusty bow, and took a moment to cheer Chewbacca and his stolen AT-ST.

The battle also was a source for tragedy for Romba, as he and his buddy Corpsey were hit by AT-ST fire. Romba was back on his feet after a moment, and urged his friend to continue running with him. It was then that Romba realized his companion was dead, and he took a moment to play with his foot.
Romba Corpsey

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