Rodia was mostly green. But not a nice green.

Rodia was an industrial planet in the Outer Rim. Rodians came from there. Obviously.


Rodia had some rainforests and oceans. Then there were domed cities and huge industrial complxees. It was kind fo a mess actually. Rodians liked to hunt. They liked it so much that after they killed all the other animals on the planet, they began hunting each other. When the Republic discovered the planet, the Rodians initially hunted the off-worlders, but then realized that they could join the Republic and go hunt on other planets. This actually improved Rodia immensely as the most efficient and brutal Rodians went out into the Galaxy to become Bounty Hunters, mercenaries, thugs, and other scummy occupations.

Notable Residents

Wald was from Rodia. So was Onaconda Farr. And Greeata Jendowanian. None of the Greedos were actually born there, as the family had moved to Tatooine years ago in an attempt to get away from all the retarded clan fighting.

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