Relti was a Jedi Master who served at the Jedi Temple at Coruscant. He lost his first Padawan, Fender Doublenutt, in a politically motivated bombing on the planet London. Unable to cope with his failure and loss, Relti took to the bottle. He became known as the Drunken Jedi Master.

Yoda attempted to help him, but really had his hands full with Jedi who were teetering towards the Dark Side. And honestly, Yoda didn't see the problem with drinking anyway, even though he never tried it himself. Besides, if the jerk accidentally killed himself while driving home from one of the Jedi parties, so be it.

Things really turned around for Relti when he took on Faucet Mor Towl as his new Padawan. While Relti taught Faucet from his experience, Faucet also taught Relti how to be high on life. They also spent many late nights learning to dance together.

Relti took Faucet along with him to Geonosis to assist Mace Windu in rescuing Obi-Wan Kenobi. It was time for Faucet's trials, and Relti really was too lazy to make the appointment. Relti took his Padawan to the Battle Of Geonosis hoping Yoda would let it count as the trials, but unfortunately both Master and Padawan were killed.

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