Reem was a member of Zeta Squad, one of the teams of Sandtroopers sent to Tatooine to recover the Death Star plans Leia Organa had taken. Ivor Lonius led this squad in conjunction with Zeta and Drax squads, along with a Dewback Patrol. Once it was discovered that the plans hadn't simply been hidden in the escape pod, and it was actually Droids carrying them, the squads split up. Alvien went directly to Mos Eisley, the largest spaceport in the vicinity, in an Imperial Troop Transport and set up roadblocks. Drax Squad also went to Mos Eisley, only on foot.

Zeta continued along the trail left by the Droids, supplemented by the Dewback Patrol. When they found Jawa tracks, an Imperial Troop Transport picked them up, and they raced to catch the Sandcrawler. Trooper Charn Athiem immobilized the Jawa vehicle, and troopers Moe Zarrt and Allin Gardener blew open the entry ramp. After making a Protocol Droid translate the Jawa jibberish, Lonius gave the order to "blow it all to hell!"

The squad arrived at what they thought was the proper address, but it turned out to be the home of Miles O'Keeffe. Reem pointed out this error only after they'd already killed O'Keeffe's wife and daughter. They left O'Keeffe for dead as well, and then realized troopers Gardener, Zarrt, Wilkinson, and Nader had disappeared. Lonius and the others arrived at the Lars Moisture Farm in time to witness the final blast as the four Sandtroopers had blown the man and his wife's skin completely off. They swore the old man wouldn't give any info, but Lonius reprimanded them all the same. He ordered an evac from an Imperial Landing Craft that had been circling, and left the four idiots go stand outside the main entrance of Mos Eisley without their damned packs.

Rather than sitting around and wasting time like Captain Chain Spak was, Ivor started searching door to door. When that proved fruitless, he went back to the Imperial Garrison Base to find Sgt. Rip Nardass and Drax Squad having just arrived from their trek through the desert on foot. Apparently Spak and Alvien Squad had just received a report and followed up on it without alerting Zeta Squad. Left with only Reem and Charn Athiem, Ivor told Orpho Hain of Drax Squad to accompany them.

Reem Schultz takes a moment to relieve himself during a busy day of patrolling.

The four Sandies arrived at the Docking Bays and stood in the street as they were unsure which Bay it actually was. They could hear the blaster fire, but then the Millenium Falcon took off and left the atmosphere. Ivor could do nothing but watch.

That's when Miles O'Keeffe showed up in his landspeeder, with hasty bandages over his blast marks. O'Keeffe had already killed the four standing at the city entrance, and now he mutilated all four troops outside the Docking Bay before heading offworld himself.

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