Ree-Yees was a Gran who was also a heavy drinker, and had a difficult time with women. His incredibly swollen fingers could never find their way around a bra strap, so he developed an unnatural fear of brassieres.

Ree-Yees was hiding in Jabba's Palace to escape a murder charge on the planet Kinyen, when Luke Skywalker and Co. came to rescue Han Solo. Unable to bag any women, and clearly unable to take matters into his own hands as well, Ree-Yees found pleasure in the little things. Like watching Luke battle the Rancor. Or watching Luke about to fall in the Sarlacc. Or watching Luke blow up the Sail Barge Ree-Yees was in.

He Got What Was Coming To Him

Ree Yees had the annoying habit of yelling "FIGHT! FIGHT!" and whipping himself into a frenzy whenever two of his fellow palace patrons would get into a disagreement.  It was particularly annoying as Ree Yees would always shrink from the same confrontations he tried to insinuate for others.  This irritating habit often lead to Ree Yees getting junk punched.

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