Along with their single JFL Championship, the Hoopties also won several "Worst Logo" awards.

The Raxus Prime Hoopties were a short-lived Jawa Football League team.  Raxus Prime was a junk planet, so naturally lots of jawas went there to find work.  As such, they decided to establish a team and petition the JFL for inclusion.  They were accepted immediately.  However, after a couple of seasons, other teams decided that Raxus Prime was such a crap hole, that they refused to play there.  One year, every visiting team on the schedule forfeited their game to the Hoopties, rather than actually travel to the planet to play the game.  That year, the Hoopties won the JFL championship.  Realizing the silliness of the situation, the JFL decided to eject the Hoopties from the League. 

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