590px-Rattatak Atlas

Rattatak attempted to erect a giant "Rattatak" sign on their planet, but only had enough funding for the R, which was frequently stoeln and moved around the planet.

Rattatak was an Outer Rim world that the Republic was unaware of at the time of the Clone Wars.


Rattatak was a barbaric place. It's entire cutlure revolved around The Cauldron, a gladitorial arena. Jedi Knight Ky Narec crashed there shortly before the Clone Wars. She discovered Asajj Ventress there and trained her as a Jedi. The two of them tried to bring peace to the planet, but that worked out about as well as could be expected for a planet centered on gladiatorial combat. The people rose up and killed Narec, but Ventress went nuts and ended up taking over the planet on her own.

Notable Residents

Ventress is really the only known Rattatakan.

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