Prefsbelt IV

Going to the Academy on Prefsbelt had two real meanings, and one very dirty one.

Prefsbelt IV was an Outer Rim world with a prestigious Psychiatric Academy and an Imperial Naval Academy, making it very confusing when someone said they were going to attend the Academy of Prefsbelt IV.


Early in the Old Republic, it was seen as necessary to begin establishing interplanetary institutes of higher learning. While this notion of spreading education to the masses was dismissed by certain planets that already had strong universities- such as Boston and Naboo- the Senate began to officially sanction new Republic-supported schools on "neutral" planets. Prefsbelt IV, which was entirely empty, was selected as the location for the Psychiatric Academy. For this reason, the initial population of the planet was made up mostly of psychiatrists and mental patients. Afew years later, despite the protests of the Psychiatric Academy, a Naval Academy was established there. This was confusing, and led to many promising psychiatric minds, and insane people accidentally becoming Naval officers. Both Academies flourished and remianed active into the days of the New Republic. The Prefsbelt Journal of Psychiatry was published there until the Emperor banned it for suggesting he had unresolved mommy issues.

Notbale Residents

Biggs Darklighter, Ghoel, Ruggle Schmong, Janek Sunber, Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, and Ask Aak all attended the Academy on Prefsbelt IV.

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