Though many of the people found in Jabba's Palace were not nearly as bad as the New Republic's PR people made them out to be, Pote Snitkin actually was.

Pote was in and out of Juvinile Detection Centers his entire childhood, until finally running away and keeping under the grid in his mid-teens. He ran with gangs, becoming a Spice addict. It wasn't too long before he was captured for home invasions, and sent off to the prison on Kessel.

While in prison, he befriended the Twi'Lek majordomo of Jabba The Hutt, Bib Fortuna, who was stuck there for a solicitation charge. He impressed Fortuna with his ability and connections to smuggle in difficult items, such as inflatable dates. Fortuna's time at Kessel was only six months after Snitkin arrived, so the rest of the time he had to find a way to survive. He had to make friends. He quickly found the Free Felcher's Society, a secret movement that spanned the Galaxy. As long as he was a member, he'd never be alone again.
Pote Snitkin

Pote performing the secret Felcher's salute.

When Snitkin was released, he went to work for Fortuna at the Palace. Jabba had set up a huge half-way house for ex-cons and addicts to get clean and work their way back into the Galaxy, but Fortuna was there to exploit these men and of course keep them dirty and make himself a profit in the process. Snitkin was more than willing to play along.

When the Bacon Brothers showed up at the Palace, Pote finally found another Spice addict in Roy Bacon. Unlike a lot of the recovering addicts in the Palace, Roy's desire to get clean wasn't at all heartfelt. Snitkin enjoyed having someone to get stupid with, and bump into things at night. Then Roy announced he was done with that business, and wanted to make his brothers proud again. Pote beat him within an inch of his life.

Pote piloted the Escort Skiff to the Sarlacc pit when Jabba wanted to execute Luke Skywalker, and was quickly tossed into the pit during the Skirmish At Carkoon.

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