Patio Nuttbeg

Patio with a couple of his best droids that day.

Patio was a used Droid dealer who came to Mos Eisley to scrape out a modest living. He wanted no trouble, didn't mean anyone harm, but ultimately came under scrutiny by the Jawas. One morning, Patio came into his shop to find several of his R4 droids in pieces. The next day, all the R3s were missing, replaced with a sign that read "go hom". He took this to mean "home", but as the Jawas were huge football fans, one of them accidentally left his sign supporting fan favorite Hom Organ.

Patio had reached his fill of this harassment, and grabbed the first Jawa he could find sleeping on the street outside. He slammed the Jawa against the wall, as another ran up to attack him. Patio turned, punted the Jawa across the street, and started punching the one in his hands in the stomach. The punted Jawa ran into the Cantina, and came back out after a moment with six other Jawas all brandishing bludgeons. They dragged Patio into a back alley and beat him to death. No one ever challenged the Jawas again.

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