Palejo was a Human Spice trader, from Corellia, who worked frequently with Jabba The Hutt. After being released from prison, Jabba decided to secretly go straight and transform his Palace into a rehab center/halfway house. Palejo was a little upset because this meant a severe drop in his business, but he also finally confided in the Hutt that he had his own addiction he needed help overcoming.

Reshad was a frotteurist, which is a person who can't help but to rub up in an inappropriate way against other people in crowded places, such as buses etc.

After a few years of therapy with Soth Petitkin, it was decided he had overcome his addiction. In order to test it out, Jabba suggested Palejo cram himself in with the large group at the bar on his Sail Barge when they took Luke Skywalker out to be executed at the Sarlacc. The Skirmish at Carkoon ensued, and Palejo died along with most of the entourage when Luke blew up the Barge.

But, the whole way there, he rubbed against no one with his genitals. It was his greatest achievement.

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