On Ort Lando, one beer cost about the same as a small Speeder on Coruscant, but it was still better than being sober there.

Ort Lando was a planet located in the Flor'eh'Dah system. It was smaller, less swampy, but more dirty than Sedalgreve.


Ort Lando started as a small backwater planet, known only for its orange groves, TG Lee dairy and the largest amount of Winn Dixie's per capita. Sometime before the Clone Wars, Ort Lando went through a huge transformation. With the addition of several theme parks, most notibly one featuring a black and white Tintin Dwarf, Ort Lando turned into a tourist trap, and became overrun with off-worlders. Most of the orange groves and dairy land was paved over to make way for shopping malls and housing for off-worlders that loved the unseasonal world. Ort Lando had truly become a "tourist trap." People thought that by relocating entire generations of their families here, that they would be living in a theme park bliss, but they soon learned otherwise. The cost of living on a theme park planet escalated, and soon, the theme parks themselves started jacking up the prices of their admission much that the people now living there, could no longer afford to actually go to them. Desperate, the former off worlders, addicted to theme park life, began taking jobs at the theme parks just to get free admission for their entire families. Eventually, the collapse of the Intergalactic Banking Clan started to have an affect on the theme parks, and Ort Lando found itself turning into a stinky armpit in the sunny Flor'eh'Dah system. Even Degree Cool Rush couldn't cover a stank like that.

Notable Residents

Sith Lord Darth ChuckMc was from Ort Lando, as was Luber Burstein. Lando Calrissian never visited Ort Lando, but they did try to use his likeness in their marketing campaigns.

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