Cody 66

Clone Commander Cody receiving Order 66 from Palpatine.

Order 66 was a secret order given to the Clonetroopers created from Jango Fett, from Chancellor Palpatine. The order was simply to eliminate all Jedi. For the most part, the troopers fulfilled this order, but some Jedi did escape. Quite a few actually. Or maybe it was only Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi.    It can be summarized by Palpatine's catchphrase, "Wipe them out.  All of them."  Apparently "All of them" was left open to interpretation by anyone receiving the order.  Palpatine later realized he forgot to add "I'm serious!" at the end of his command. Order 66 was the apex of Palpatine's plan to destroy the Jedi.  All 66 orders in the overall scheme were designed to slowly weaken the Jedi Order over time.  For example, Order 4 was for all clonetroopers to move stuff around the desks in all the Jedi offices.  Order 15 was for the clonetropers to put extra starch in Jedi underwear.  Order 23 called on all clonetroopers to talk loudly on cell phones while their Jedi Generals were trying to watch Jawa Football League games.  Order 37 had all clonetroopers point to the Jedi and laugh at them, making them self-concious.  Order 58 had the clones leak fabricated embarrassing stories about the Jedi to Perez Hilton.  Palpatine initially had conceived of Order 65 to be the final hammer blow, which would have had the clones arrest all the Jedi, round them up into the Temple, and make them watch a looping Transformers 2 on standard def full screen VHS until they died from it.  However, Palpatine reconsidered this at the last minute, and cancelled it in favor of the now famous Order 66.
800px-Owen Luke

Owen Lars points to a Holonet tower which was sabotaged during Order 41, a clonetrooper attempt to disrupt Jedi Twitter accounts.

In a tragic example of poor planning, Order 67 involved Palpatine yelling "April Fools!" By the time anyone realized the mistaken sequencing, it was too late.

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