800px-Owen Luke

Owen Lars says, "If you could go ahead and move your desk to the canyon over there, that would be great. Thanks a bunch, Luke!"

Part of Palpatine's sequence of orders to destroy the Jedi Order and seize control of the galaxy, Order 4 compelled all the clone commanders to move stuff around the desks of the Jedi offices in the Temple.  Results were mixed.  Ki-Adi Mundi thought it strange when he found his stapler on the left side of the desk, but he persevered.  Shaak Ti was a little ticked that her post-it note pads were unglued and the individual notes stacked haphazardly.  Of note, Commander Bly completely befuddled Aayla Secura when she found her vibrator collection layed out in the shape of womprat on her office floor.  Lunchbox Manclench was irked that his prized EV-9D9 action figure was missing, but he later found it on the top shelf of his file cabinet. 

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