800px-Owen Luke

Owen Lars tells Luke his poop stinks so bad, he will need to crap behind that rock instead of using the toilet in the house.

Part of Palpatine's sequence of orders to destroy the Jedi Order and seize control of the galaxy, Order 15 initiated a clonetroper directive to put extra starch in Jedi underwear.  Aayla Secura was most affected by this, since her entire Jedi outfit was actually lingerie.  Tsui Choi was least affected, because of the fact that his species had no genitals.  Foul Moudama was so uncomfortable, that he shaved his entire body to stop the itching.  Ses Berghammer, while uncomfortable himself, decided to assist fellow Jedi Shaak Ti by licking her crotch until it felt better.  The confused Jedi eventually went on a witch hunt, and fired the dry cleaning staff.  The Dry Cleaners Union protested, and there was quite a bit of bad publicity which followed.  This suited Palpatine just fine.

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