Oppo Rancisis
Oppo Rancisis was a Thisspiasian Jedi Master. He claimed he'd given up the throne of Thisspias in favor of being a Jedi, but that's just the kinda baloney Oppo was notorious for spewing just to make himself seem impressive.

Rancisis was an apprentice to Master Yaddle almost 2 centuries before the Clone Wars. For the few decades before the Clone Wars, Oppo was a member of the Jedi Council.

Oppo's name was submitted for consideration or the Facial Hair Awards, and his impressive full-head beard seemed completely unbeatable in the competition. However, it was revealed to the public that Jedi are clearly forbidden from entering the FHA, and all the ballots voting for him were tossed out.

He was killed during the Siege Of Saleucami by the Dark Jedi Sora Bulq towards the end of the Clone Wars.

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