Duros officer

"Dates...ur doin it wrong!" Hell hath no fury like a Duro scorned. Well, not really.

The Old Republic Calendar (ORC) was established around the time that the Duros helped humans discover Hyperdrive. The Core Founders, led by DeWayne Ballcupper, were notable in that they recognized their achievement of the establishment of a human dominated Galactic Republic by declaring it the year 0, thus officially wiping away the retarded calendar used by the Rakatan Infinite Empire.  For over 25,000 years this lasted, and for just as long the citizens of the Galaxy enjoyed their easy to remember calendar.
Galactic senate founders

No photos of DeWayne Ballcupper exist, so look at this statue of him instead.

This all changed after the Clone Wars, when Palpatine changed the Republic into the Empire. He tossed the ORC on the floor, and dribbled used jalapeno dip he'd washed down the night before with half a gallon of gin all over it. He then slapped this soiled calendar against Mas Amedda's face and laughed hysterically while he drew up the Imperial Mandate for the new Imperial Calendar. In the Old Republic year of 25,034, the Empire came to be. It was now year 0, and schoolchildren everywhere began failing history exams in record numbers.
800px-Owen Luke

Owen Lars points to all the sentients that are inferior to humans.

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