Officer Cass prepares to take advantage of the senior discount at the Death Star's seafood buffet.

In my day, officers were treated with respect and were not questioned about what exactly their rank is or why they seemed to have no actual experience. But I guess you know better than thousands of years of proud tradition.

–Officer Cass putting Darth Vader in his place

Edgar Cass was an officer for the Empire who went prematurely gray.  He served on board the Death Star.

Early Life

Cass was born on Coruscant and attended Coruscant City Public High School.  When he was 17, his hair turned gray.  This made him the object of ridicule among his peers, but he quickly learned to use this affliction to his advantage, as he could purchase alcohol without being carded.  He also found that he could easily gain access to the teachers' lounge by claiming that he was a retired gym teacher.

Military Career

After high school, Cass enlisted in the Imperial Military.  Once again, he used his gray hair to secure rapid promotion.  Even though he never saw any combat, and had minimal training, he was given an officers' rank badge.  He didn't even know what his rank was, so he introduced himself as, "Officer Cass."  He was eventually appointed to the Death Star's executive council because Tarkin didn't want to be the oldest looking guy in the room.  When the Death Star was destroyed, Cass died at the age of 27.

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