Master Juan came from the planet Croatia, which also served as a rallying cry during the Clone Wars. His detachment of Clonetroopers, the 628th Belligerent Simians, would scream "Croatia!" as they moved against Droid troops, and chant it after each victory.

Though he was strong with the Force, Obie Juan was also heavily xenophobic. His snarl was almost reflexive as anyone came within four feet of him. Come any closer, and his furred hands would certainly have an ignited lightsaber in them. He was also extremely passionate, and had a deep love for chicken. Eating it, not keeping as pets. Another weakness of Juan's was that when he ate too much chicken, it would make it difficult for him to have a movement. This also brought on a snarl.

Most of the other Jedi Knights also had a difficult time not admitting how overwhelmingly handsome Obie was. They couldn't help but to want to pet him. This is why so many Jedi Knights during that period had to be fitted with artificial hands.

Unfortunately, Obie Juan died towards the end of the Clone Wars when he was trying to chase a Juggernaut.

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