Nysad was one of the Nikto working for Jabba The Hutt around the time of the Skirmish at Carkoon. He was stationed on the Sail Barge, but had been on enough of Jabba's execution runs to know he was able to catch a few winks in the supply closet a few doors down from the last toilet. He started thinking about what it would be like to feel all of Yarna's breasts, when he drifted off. The next thing Nysad knew, someone was trying to shove their way into the closet with him, and he reflexively pushed them back. Turns out it was Grak-Buz, the dumbest Weequay Nysad had ever met. Nysad spat out a curse, then slammed the door shut.

Then he started hearing all the noise. Something serious was happening. Did the Sail Barge break down or something?

He got out of the supply closet just in time to see Grak-Buz get yanked from the window. What was going on here? Nysad ran up the to deck, to be face to face with that human Jabba was so angry with. But this guy was swinging a lightsaber around! Nysad drew his weapon, firing twice, but the bolts were knocked back at him by the young Jedi.

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