Nimban had plants that moved around. They were annoying.

Nimban was an Outer Rim world populated by Nimbanel.


Nimban was alright. The Nimbanels had a nice little planet out there. Once the joined the Republic, Nimban's industry pretty much shut down, and the entire eceonomy of the planet became based on accounting and data management. The Nimban School was known for its unique viewpoints and its rigorous acedemic standards. At some point, the Hutts became interested in taking over Nimban. the leaders of the planet carefully calculated their odds of defending themselves, and made a deal to be ruled by the Hutts, but to remain mostly independnet, in exchange for a comprehensive review of Hutt tax codes and a share in Nimban's lucrative data security profits. As a result of this deal, many Nimbanels ventured off onto other Hutt worlds to do business.

Notable Residents

Mosep Binneed, who work for Jabba the Hutt, was originally from Nimban. Fascist Hammertooth was exiled from Nimban for choosing to be a doctor.

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