Nik was a member of the Rebel Alliance, and also part of the Rebel Commandos who went to Endor with Han Solo. He was nicknamed "Gramps" by some of the younger Rebels, but calling him that to his face was a guareteed ticket to Fist City.

When the Ewok Paploo stole a Speeder Bike, and all but one Biker Scout pursued. He was then taken prisoner, with Sant assigned to watch him. The two soldiers got to talking about the JFL, and an argument ensued. It was the sentence, "You don't know what you're talking about, Gramps," that inspired the beating. This was followed by a quick stripping so that Nik could take the trooper to Bootland, and the Biker Scout's groin got a glimpse of Kneetown as well.

After getting a ton of aggression out on their prisoner, Nik got an idea as he looked over the removed armor. He tied the prisoner up, and then dressed up in his uniform. When the Imperials came out to capture the Rebels they'd been told by the Emperor were there, Nik was also taken into custody. Luckily, the Ewoks showed up and began the Battle Of Endor propr. Unfortunately, Nik was hit by friendly fire with an arrow in the head. He survived until the next morning.
Rebel captives

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