625px-Nien Nunb

I don't see it.

Why bother flipping a coin. We can just both go at the same time. We're all friends here.

–Nien Nunb to Lando

Nien Nunb was a Sullustan pilot for the Rebel Alliance.


Nien Nunb was born on Sullust and went to Sullust Valley High School.  While in school, Nien developed a reputation as being quite popular with the ladies.  For many outsiders, all Sullustans looked alike, but, apparently, Nien was a dashing fellow among his own people.  Nien excelled as both a student and an athlete, but decided to pursue a career in trucking, since he figured that would be the best way to fulfill his dream of becoming a sleazy drifter.

Nien got a job delivering beuaty supplies to various parlors throughout the galaxy.  This gave him many opportunities to work his charm, and his conquests became the talk of legend.  When his employer learned about his many romantic encounters on the job, he became furious and assigned Nien to an office job.  The plan backfired when Nien slept with both his wife and daughter.  Nien was fired.


In need of work, Nien travelled to Tatooine, where he met up with BoShek.  Nien joined BoShek's smuggling operation for awhile, and got another chance to travel the galaxy and pick up chicks.  The partnership was mutually beneficial, but the two parted ways after an argument about the use the bed in BoShek's ship.  BoShek suggested that Nien go hang out on Bespin for a while, and gave him Lando's contact information.

Unfortunately, when Nien arrived, Bespin had just been evacuated, and was under Imperial control.  Nien learned from Lobot, that Lando had abandoned the city to join the Rebel Alliance.  Nien decided that that seemed like a good idea, so he decided to join too.

Battle of Endor

Nien's experience as a freighter pilot qualified him to serve as a fighter pilot, and he was assigned to the B-Wing corps since there were other Sullustans there, and the Rebels were still a little racist.  When the fleet was gathered to plan the assault on the Death Star, Nien learned that Lando would be leading the attack, and introduced himself.  Lando was impressed that he had been so successful despite the fact that he looked like a monkey, and gave him the nickname, "Monkey Swinger."  Lando decided to make Nien his co-pilot on the Millenium Falcon, much to the chagrin of General Madine who had been promised that position.

Nien basically just rode along while Lando flew, but he was still considered one of the heros of the battle, after the Falcon destroyed the Death Star.  Nien and Lando celebrated the victory by double-teaming Karie Neth in Ewok Village.

After the battle, Nien served the New Republic, and remained close friends with Lando.

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