Nicanus was always mocked for carying extra lightsabers "just in case". He was the one laughing this day.

Tassu was a Jedi Knight prior to the Clone Wars, who served the Order proudly, but never took a Padawan. He was often paired with fellow Knight Sephjet Josall. The two quickly became inseparable and the best of friends. Great friends. REALLY great friends. Then everything changed when they were sent to Montana on a mission to...well...I'm sure you see where that's going. Unfortunately, what happened on Montana was something Tassu wanted to not stay on Montana, but Josall wanted to put it behind them. The two became distant until the Battle Of Geonosis, where both happened to be tapped by Mace Windu to help rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi. During the battle, Nicanus made his way to Kenobi in the center of the arena, and tossed his extra lightsaber just as Sephjet tossed his to Skywalker. The two looked at each other and all those old feelings came rushing back. The two fought their way passionately to the exit of the arena, and hid in a supply closet where passion was applied to other exits.

When they rejoined the battle, Yoda's gunships were landing to rescue the surviving members of the task force. Sephjet was shot by Battle Droids as the pair ran towards one of the gunships, and killed instantly. Tassu mourned the death of his companion until his final moments as his gunship was shot down moments later. The two joined the Force as one.

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