The Snubfighters gaurantee a championshup every year, but they've only succeeded once. They've finished dead last far more times.

The New York Snubfighters are a relatively new Jawa Football League team.  They have only had marginal success in the league.  They tried to compete for headlines on New York with their cross-planet rivals, the Goliaths.  Nobody likes them.

Herm Edwards once coached the Snubfighters, before moving on to the Bestine Snugglebutts, Palpatine's favorite team. Then The Snubfighters hired a Hutt that liked to curse. He was more successful.

The Snubfighters fled New York with the Goliaths and hid on Tatooine after Palpatine disbanded the JFL.  They currently play in Goliath Stadium in Mos Espa, and use some tents out back as a locker room.

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