A Goliaths player.

The New York Goliaths are one of the oldest Jawa Football League teams.  They've had a lot of ups and downs throughout their history, but while they haven't won the most championships in the JFL, some might argue they've had the most consistent success throughout their thousands of years of existence.

After Palpatine disbanded the league just before his demise in 4 ABY, the Goliaths were one of 32 teams that managed to stay together and hide on Tatooine.   They are planning a revival now that the jerk is dead.  They play in Goliath Stadium in Mos Espa, which they share with the New York Snubfighters, who also had to hide from Palpatine.  They suck, and nobody likes them.
New York Giants 02

Modern logo used by the Goliaths to emphasize the team's home planet.

New York Giants 01

Throwback logo. It may be spelled this way in the Alternate Basic Alphabet, but it's prounounced "Goliaths". Seriously.

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