New York

New York is better than your planet.

New York was a hugely important planet located in the Inner Rim


New York had an enormous population of citizens notable for their ability to curse you out in over 6 million forms of communication.  New York was too metropolitan to be the galactic capital, so it gladly deferred to the political types on Coruscant to handle that stuff.  New Yorkers were generally easy going, until you pissed them off.  Then you might get kicked in the nuts.  Everybody in the galaxy secretly wanted to live on New York, but had to deal with the fact that they didn't.  New Yorkers had a natural rivalry with planet Boston, but in the end they both agreed they were a hell of a lot better than the schmucks from nearby Connectyornuts. Some of the Galaxy's best restaurants are located in New York, including Arby's.  New York is also one of the financial capitals of the galaxy.  After the Clone Wars erupted, New York expelled the InterGalactic Banking Clan, and refused to business with them.  The women were sexy, and liked to wear lots of black.  There was also theater, and the planet was a hub of holonet programming.  Sports is huge in New York, and the rivalry with Boston is intense.  The New York Goliaths were a huge draw until the Jawa Football League was disbanded by that jerk, Emperor Palpatine.  They had another tem too, the Snubfighters, but nobody relly liked them.

During the Clone Wars, New York remained loyal to the Republic (even though it meant they were on the same side as Boston).

Notable Residents

New Yorkers have no sense of smell.  If they did, they wouldn't live there. Darth Dre and Moff Lassard were both from New York.

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