Hutt hutt hikes

The Hutt Hutt Hike helmet actually bears a likeness of Hutt football pioneer Fat Slobba the Hutt. Ironically, the helmets did not fit Hutt players.

The Nal Hutta Hutt Hutt Hikes were a JFL team located on Nal Hutta- though they played at least one home game each year on nearby Nar Shaddaa. They are notable for being the first team to use Hutt players, most notably Fat Slobba the Hutt, who anchored their offensive line for many years. As the use of Hutts proliferated around the league, the JFL passed strict regulations making each Hutt take up 2.5 roster spots, and forcing teams to have a limit of two Hutts on the line at any given time. Nal Hutta attempted to get around this rule by having Hutts report as eligible receivers, but this strategy caused problems in the passing game since Hutts make truly terrible route runners.

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