Nal Hutta's weak gravity really helped the Hutts' self esteem.

Nal Hutta was a Mid Rim world and capital of Hutt Space. Hutt's called it their homeworld. It wasn't.


Nal Hutta was a lush jungle world, but then the Hutts showed up and ruined. Just like the time they ruined your wedding. Since the original Hutt homeworld had been used up, they made Nal Hutta the capital of Hutt Space, and just pretended like that's where they all came from. They filled the planet with palaces, and used its moon Nar Shaddaa as a commercial hub for their vast trade network. The Nal Hutta Hutt Hutt Hikes played football there.

Notable Residents

Lots of Hutts. Like Gardulla. And Jabba. Don't forget Jabba. Jabba the Hutt.

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