Naboo was really important, but then everybody pretended like it didn't exist. This was possibly done in order to annoy the Emperor.

Naboo was a pretty little planet in the Mid Rim with stupid people living on it.


Naboo was originally ruled by retarded froggy stereotypes bumping into things and jamming their heads in their rectums. Then some Humans showed up and easily took over the place. The Gungans weren't thrilled with this, but what were they going to do about it? Naboo had elected monarchs. Somehow this made sense. The people of Naboo frequently voted teenage girls as Queen. this means that a majority of people on this planet thought that the best leaders possible would be teenage girls.

It's a wonder they weren't conquered long before the Trade Federation popped by to blockade the planet in an effort (unknowingly) to help the Naboo Senator secure his fast-track to a leadership position.

Naboo's Capital city Theed was home to the Naboo Jedi Spirits, and both the Naboo Royal Academy and Theed University.

The Naboo Daily News was widely read all over the planet.

Notable Residents

The People of Naboo were really important in Galactic history, but only prior to the Battle of Yavin. Around that time, everybody stopped mentioning Naboo altogether. Almost as though it didn't exist then.

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