N1 fighter
The Naboo Starfighter was the primary fighter for the Naboo people when they actually wanted to get up off their butts and squeeze their stuck up noses into a cockpit to defend themselves against underpowered jerks.

It was a kinda cool design, while also being overwhelmingly lame and stupid. The droid socket had no room for the Astromech's legs, so he presumably had to take them off to get inside the ship. It also was way stabby on the back side, with the middle pointy part plugging into the wall for docking and somehow supporting all the weight of the ship.

The N-1 was most remembered for being used in the least exciting space battle ever witnessed. Yawn.

Ric Olie dazzled people with his skills in the N-1 until Anakin Skywalker came along and showed people the amazing trick of going left.

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