Mustafar Thugs

Darth Vader was seen as a god on Mustafar. The Mustafarians really hated Neimoidians.

The Mustafar Thugs were a JFL team located on Mustafar. They were known for cheating.


The Mustafar Thugs were founded during the time when the JFL was expanding seemingly at random to planets that had no need or market for professional sports teams. Though Mustafarians tended to like football, there were only a few hundred of them on the whole planet. Inspired by the blue-collar character of the planet, the Thugs were known for their hard-nosed, smashmouth approach. Also, they cheated a bunch. this gave them a slight advantage. Opposing players were frequently intimidated, and feared playing the Thugs- as they should, since the Thugs held the all-time record for opposing player deaths until that stat was discontinued. The Thugs had a bloody rivalry with the Dune Sea Blacksmiths, but only when both teams were good, which wasn't all that often. After the Clone Wars, the Thugs sued the Empire for trademark infringement, but the case was settled out of court. Which is to say Darth Vader killed the team's owners.

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