MTT Transport
The Multi-Troop Transport, or MTT, was introduced in ORC 25,021 when the Trade Federation invaded the planet Naboo. The MTT carried up to 112 Battle Droids, or 20 Destroyer Droids.

By the time the Trade Federation had signed up with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the MTT had become known as the "MTT Transport", which of course stood for Multi-Troop Transport Transport. This was quickly abbreviated to MTTT, and soon was being referred to as the "MTTT Transport".

Sometime in the middle of the Clone Wars, the Trade Federation was referring to this vehicle as the MTTTTTTTTT Transport, and General Grievous put an end to this nonsense after a well-witnessed fit. From that point until their retirement at the conclusion of the Clone wars, they were simply known as the MTT.

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