Mosep did a fantastic impression of Jabba the Hutt. Sometimes he'd go through entire meetings without breaking character. Even Jabba thought it was hilarious.

Mosep was a Nimbanel accountant who worked in Mos Eisley.


Born on Nimban, Mosep was destined at an early age for an accountant's life.  His entire family was accountants, as was a high percentage of his species.  They were good with numbers and tended to not steal much.  Since there was little need for additional accountants on Nimban, Mosep traveled to Tatooine, where he set up a small business in Mos Eisley- which had some of the lowest taxes in the Galaxy.  He was very popular for both his efficiency and his pleasant demeanor.  He helped the Wookie Chalmun discover some glaring discrepancies in his books, and even helped the Bestine Bugle file for bankruptcy. 


Mosep was not, however, without enemies.  His unwavering honesty led him to get certain indivuals and businesses into some hot water over illegal transactions and misleading financial reporting.  One such enemy was Trinto Duaba, a reporter for the Mos Eisley Journal, who happened to be walking by Mosep's office when Jabba The Hutt was getting his taxes done. When Jabba saw how much money he was getting back, he exclaimed, "That's it, you've done such a great job, YOU are my accountant now!" The next day, the Journal reported that Mosep worked exclusively for The Hutt, when in fact is simply meant Jabba would return every year for Binneed to manipulate his deductions. Since people still thought of Jabba as a crimelord, Mosep's business fell off sharply after that article.  Mosep was, in fact, forced to work almost exclusively for Jabba and his assortment of shady business partners. 

Unable to really scrape a living, Mosep followed Duaba to the Cantina, intending to kill him. But some punk got knocked into a table, and then a smuggler killed a Rodian, and Mosep knew he just didn't have the stomach to kill someone.  Instead he left Tatooine, over Jabba's sincere objections, and tried to start a business on Chandrila, but many of the wealthy residents of that planet refused to do business with him.  He ended up returning to Nimban, where he died disgraced and penniless.

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