Mos espa
Mos Espa was a large spaceport on the desert planet Tatooine. It had plenty of docking bays, a junk shop, and some eateries, but it's biggest attraction was the Pod Race Track just outside of town. Mos Espa is where Anakin Skywalker was born and spent almost the first decade of his life. He left his mother to become a Jedi, and came back several years later after his balls had dropped. He would never return to Tatooine after that.

Known Citizens

800px-Owen Luke

Owen Lars points to some Banthapedia Articles that have been seized by the Hateful Wikeditor of Hate and Hurt Feelings.


Ansa Kemilto was the most high class prostitute in Mos Espa, and voted fourth on the entire planet.

The newspaper for Mos Espa, the Mos Espa Tribune, was once widely read across the planet, but after Podracing was banned, the newspaper struggled for years to stay afloat.

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