"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious." - Obi-Wan Kenobi


Mos Eisley was a thriving spaceport on a big fat dustball called Tatooine. It was the closest major city to Jabba's Palace, and roughly 80 km to Anchorhead. It was a great place to sell a landspeeder, or charter a flight offworld with smuggler. Also, if you've got the correct change, you can blow somebody away in the Cantina, which is also a nice place to get a drink and enjoy some tunes. Also, if that's your thing, you can get your ass tossed into a table or have a limb chopped off. Good times! There is also Wioslea's Used Speeder Lot, and tons of Docking Bays to park your ride and fuel up. The Dowager Queen is a starship that crashed in the center of what would become a thriving city.
Mos Eisley btm

The Imperial presence was constantly felt in Mos Eisley.

Mos Eisley was also the conclusion of The Skywalker Tour. Myhr Rho hosted this guided tour detailing Luke Skywalker's adventures around the planet. Starting at his Uncle's Farm, circling by Obi-Wan Kenobi's Hut, and pointing roughly in the area of the Skirmish At Carkoon, before coming to Mos Eisley where Myhr described Luke's braving of the Imperial Roadblock, his tumble in the Cantina, and his escape thanks to scoundrel Han Solo at Docking Bay 94.

Mos Eisley was divided into "The New Quarter", and "The Old Quarter". Apparently there were only two quarters, as no one speaks of the other two. Presumably there's the "Coming Soon Quarter" and the "Gated Community Quarter".



The celebration that followed the Galactic Cup victory.

Anchorhead was considered way too hoity toity, so Mos Eisley was build around the concept that "Scum need a place too".

Around 4 years after the original Death Star blew up, Mos Eisley was the location of the 24,156th Annual Galactic Cup Finals. Emperor Palpatine had disbanded the Jawa Football League earlier that year, marking this as the final Cup Finals. When the game was concluded, the town was in an uproar with looting and pillaging. It wasn't until the next morning that the news broke that the second Death Star was now exploded, killing the Emperor and successfully ending the Empire. A second, though admittedly much more mellow, riot began. It was over within a half hour.


The official newspaper put out of Mos Eisley is the Mos Eisley Journal, which competed heavily with the Anchorhead Times. No one really read the Mos Espa Tribune anymore though, and the Bestine Bugle lasted only two years.

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