Morda Hehol was a Jedi Knight from the Idjit system. He was a maverick who often clashed with the Jedi Council over such tenets as marriage and the wearing of hoods in public. He survived the Clone Wars and disappeared from all society because with his hood up, no one recognized him as a Jedi.

The Early Years

800px-Owen Luke

"Even that clown has more sense than you, Luke."

Morda Hehol was born Motor Hee-Haw, but his name was changed when Yoda mis-heard it when visiting Hee-Haw's parents. (Being 800 years old, Yoda's hearing was starting to go.) Hehol showed his rebellious streak at a young age, insisting that the Jedi code required that he wear suspenders over his Jedi robes on Republic holidays. Master Yoda eventually convinced the young Padawan that the code did not have such a requirement, but Hehol remained a free-thinker throughout his life.


Hehol's life was irrevocably changed when Mace Windu put out the call to all Jedi to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Pade from Count Dooku and the Seperatists on Geonosis. While all available Jedi responded to Master Windu, Hehol did not hear the call. He had been walking through a public area of Coruscant with his hood up. The wind was blowing slightly, making a loud rustle in his hood. He never heard the commlink, and so missed the excursion to Geonosis.

By the time Hehol learned about the Clone Wars, many Jedi no longer trusted him. His maverick sartorial views had always made him slightly suspect, and most of the other Jedi believed that he had purposely ignored Master Windu's call to action. He was not directly cast out of the Jedi order, but he was also given no assignment, and was left to wander aimlessly in supermarkets. Eventually he was cast out of supermarkets as well. Even they thought his hood wearing code was stupid.

Later Life

No one knows exactly what became of Hehol after he drifted away during the Clone Wars. It was believed that he survived the war, because no one recognized him with his hood up and so no clones idnetified him as a Jedi. There were rumors of a crazy old former Jedi with bizarre ideas haunting some town on Tatooine, but that turned out to be someone else.

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