Moni was a Jedi Knight who accompanied Master Yoda to Kamino and rounded up all the Clonetroopers. She led a detachment in the space battle over Geonosis while Yoda swooped into the arena with his troops and rescued what was left of Mace Windu's task force. She was able to destroy a Trade Federation ship before the rest of the Seperatist forces were able to escape.

Moni would spend most of the Clone Wars in the Jedi Temple, dispatching and coordinating the war as Yoda's attache. She did accompany him on several battles, but stayed behind while he fought in the Battle Of Kashyyyk. Moni was killed by the 501st Legion when they invaded the Temple with Darth Vader.

Unlike most Jedi who preferred lightsabers, Moni's weapon of choice was orange-handled scissors.

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