Jerjerrod looks disgustingly at Vader who is being a real dick

"I just can't handle it anymore. I mean, I hesitate to use the words 'hostile work environment', but everytime I'm around my boss I can feel my anus go right up into my throat."
-Jerjerrod to the Death Star's HR person.

Moff Jerjerrod always wore black gloves except one time he didn't.  Jerjerrod's real name was Tiaan Jerjerroderroderrodidod, but he had it shortened to "Jerjerrod" when his name wouldn't fit on the back of his company softball jersey.

Death Star Administrator

Moff Jerjerrod was assigned to oversee the construction of Death Star 2 the sequel in the Imperial year 23 (4 ABY).  Due to a pretty big design flaw, they were way behind schedule.  Darth Vader finally decided the weekly conference calls to go over the status weren't going to cut it, and he decided to show up in person.  Despite the fact that Death Star 2 had a staff of three million personnel, Jerjerrod figured he only need about a ten man reception detail when Vader's shuttle arrived.  It was really cheesy.  Vader noticed.  A couple weeks later once all the vacuum leaks in the Emperor's throne room were plugged, Emperor Palpatine himself decided to check in on the proceedings.  Vader decided to really show up Jerjerrod and pulled out all the stops for the Emperor's reception.  He even found some guys in blue jump suits that Jerjerrod didn't even know existed.  Jerjerrod was professionally embarrassed and got the hint.  He was going to have a man to cyborg talk with Vader about how uncool that move was, but he realized that would most likely end in force chokings.  Instead, he resigned his commission. and headed off to find himself on Tatooine.

Vader's reception with not so many dudes


Even the custodial crew is there for the Emperor's reception

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