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Menard was second in command of Alvien Squad, which was sent to Tatooine to find the stolen Death Star plans.
Menard Hourly

Hourly was present at his Squad's roadblock when they questioned Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi about their droids.

After his Captain, Chain Spak, told the Squad to pack it up and head back to the Imperial Garrison Base, Menard and Davin Felth were approached by Garouf Lafoe. He had a complaint about someone using a Lightsaber inside the Cantina, and the pair of Sandtroopers investigated. They found nothing, and were annoyed that they couldn't drink on duty. It really would have helped after some of the freaky weirdos they saw in there.
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Menard then accompanied Chain Spak and the rest of the Squad when Garindan told them he'd seen the Droids they were looking for at Docking Bay 94. They went inside and exchanged fire with a Smuggler before he escaped in his ship and left atmosphere.

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