"I'm just saying, you could see why a girl would go for him. If he's got a messed up grill though, it's off."
-Lyn Me about Max Rebo.

Rebo was a skinny Ortolan from Orto, and a killer Nalargon player. He played for over a year at the Laf-Fart in Mos Espa before forming a power trio with Sy Snootles and Droopy McCool. She was still working to make a name for herself, and played off his noteriety as a dueling Nalargon player by naming the baned the Max Rebo Band. After their first performance, Max scored with a really hot Twi'lek chick, a relatively hot Theelin chick, and a hot-in-the-dark-if-you've-lost-your-sense-of-touch Rodian chick. When he woke in the morning, the girls were excited because he'd apparently worked "you guys can sing backup in our band" into his pillow talk.

Little did he know, but that same night Sy had gotten filled out like an application by two horn players, Doda Bodonawieedo and Barquin D'an. No verbal agreement had been reached, but both insisted they would never have slept with Snootles if they'd known they weren't going to be asked to join the band, and Max decided to go ahead and offer them the gig when Barquin pulled out a rather large knife. Droopy came in with Rappertunie, whom he had not slept with at all but rather played an extremely tense game of Uno with all night. Rappertunie had actually made a name for himself on Bestine as an incredible Growdi player, and Max needed to cutting objects to convince him to take the Shawda Ubb into the band. They were now the Rebo Nine. Joh Yowza had some incriminating photographs of Sy Snootles from when she was younger, and was invited to co-vocal, and the group just grabbed two guys from the street in what ever town they were playing in to do percussion, and they went back to the Max Rebo Band as a name.

Jabba The Hutt was notorious for helping struggling artists and musicians, and jumped at the chance to hire them on as his house band. A mutually benficial relationship, as Rebo finally realized while talking to Soth Petitkin that he had a sex addiction. He began working with Soth in his off hours, and found it incredibly difficult habit to kick, especially all these Twi'Leks running around the Palace. In time though, Rebo won out, and played on the Sail Barge directly across from an almost naked Leia Organa without even once hitting on her. This accomplishment came just in time for Luke Skywalker blowing the Barge up.

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