Mawhonic sits in his pod and makes racecar sounds.

Mawhonic was a Gran Podracer who competed in the Boonta Eve Classic in ORC 25,021.


Growing up on Malastare, Mawhonic became a huge fan of the borderline bloodsport that is podracing. A bit of a gearhead, he began experimenting on old pods, fixing them up and adding different enhancements. He dreamed of one day racing in the podraces, but pretty much all the podracers of the day were little. Mawhonic was way too heavy for standard pods- he was even overweight for Grans. Still he continued to work and got heavily involved in the podracer parts business. Using extra money that he was earning, he began tinkering with some of his pods to try and build one that could support his weight and still maintain a high level of maneuverability. Eventually, he was able to get something together and entered himself in a profesional podrace. He finished poorly, but he had proven the concept of higher weight podracing.


Mawhonic became an instant celebrity among the podracing-loving Grans on Malastare as he continued to enter races and showed improvement. This really pissed off fellow racer Sebulba, who was also from Malastare, but was a member of the subservient Dug race. Sebulba went out of his way to trash Mawhonic at press conferences before every race, and tried and knock the Gran off the course during several races. Still Mawhonic continued to improve and his mild-mannered behavior and technical know-how made him popular even among most of his opponents. He even made a deal with Gasgano to work together to screw with Sebulba.

Boonta Eve

Though he was not high enough in the point standings, Mawhonic received a special invitation from Jabba the Hutt to compete in the Boonta Eve Classic. This was because Jabba had seen his inspirational made-for-Holonet movie, Heavy Heart: How Mawhonic Saved Podracing. A frustrated Sebulba pointed out to Jabba that the film was full of factual inaccuracies, but Jabba knew that Mawhonic's inclusion would increase ratings and loosen some Gran wallets. During the race, Sebulba finally got a chance for revenge and was able to destroy the Gran's pod and kill his rival.

Don't Call it a Comeback

Despite this, Mawhonic somehow survived and even tried to have several members of Sebulba's family killed. Eventually, they met on the racetrack again, and this time Sebulba was able to finish the job- at least everyone assumes so.

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