If Saun Dann stops by, send him upstairs. I need him to take care of something for me.

–Malla to Lumpawaroo

"Malla" to her friends, she was the ex-wife of famed Rebel hero Chewbacca, and mother to Lumpawaroo.

She met Chewbacca when she came into his father's hair salon, and the two immediately connected. Chewbacca was sweet, and funny. They were married just prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars, and she got pregnant with their son right before Chewbacca announced he was signing up to fight for the Republic. It wasn't until after the war that Mallatobuck realized he did this at least in part because he wasn't truly the marrying type.

When Chewbacca murdered an Imperial Officer and ran off to join the Rebellion instead of raising his son, Malla had all custody stripped of him. Chewie then had to request visitation from a judge a month ahead of time, except on holidays. She lived with her son on Kashyyyk.

She began seeing a man named Steve, but it didn't last due to her father-in-law not approving. Though she was still angry with Chewbacca, Attichitcuk was incredibly helpful to her and always had been.

When the Galactic Civil War ended, Chewbacca pleaded with Mallatobuck for another chance. In time she gave, as he was still so charming and the loving side of him returned. She and Lumpwaroo moved to Coruscant to be with him.

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