Malastare was the kind of place you didn't want to be at night. Or during the day.

Malastare was a rough and tumble planet on the Mid Rim, home to Dugs and Gran. Podracing was a huge event on Malastare.


Malastare was originally populated by the Dugs. They were violent and had little technology. The Republic had an outpost on the planet, but left the natives alone. Some Gran colonists from nearby Kinyen were given a Senate charter to set up a colony on Malastare. The Senate felt that giving control to the Gran (who were generally respected in the Galaxy) would help to provide stability, and bring the Dugs into line with the rest of the Galaxy. The Dugs were less optimistic, and launched a bloody revolt. As the war raged on, Kinyen officially abandoned the colonization effort, but many Grans had already spent quite a bit of money and blood trying to take control of the planet, so they weren't about to give up. They hired the most violent Gran criminals and mercenaries to finish the job, and used extreme tactics to finally subjugate the Dugs. The Gran controlled all aspects of government and commerce, and the Dugs were forced into slavery. The only freedom the Dugs had was to compete in podraces, because many Gran enjoyed watching them die in spectacular crashes.

Notable Residents

Despite its bloody past, Malastare was semi-important and a fair number of known people came from there: