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== Reason for Living ==

Mace Windu was an unknown minority who worked in a pawn shop on Coruscant. One fateful day, Bruce Willis stumbled into his shop, wearing a sign boldly displaying I HATE DIGGERS. Windu felt torn, he loved using shovels, yet he felt great love toward Bruce Willis for his fine performance in Hudson Hawk. He joined Willis in a madcap adventure through Coruscant, ending finally when Bruce Willis accidentally shot the guy in the back seat. They went to a buddy's house, who suggested Windu and Willis hide in the Nakatomi Plaza highrise skyscraper tall-type building in Los Angeles, CA. After accidentally knocking some German guy out of a window, Windu decided to move back to Coruscant, where he spoke on a late night talk show about his desire to be a Knight in a new Camelot movie made by Chubby McCheeselicker. He refused to use a common silver steel sword, choosing instead to brandish his own purple bladed weapon. After years of training and becoming the greatest fighter among the Jedi Masters of ancient times, he was knocked out of a window by a simple Handmaiden known as The Emperor. Surviving the fall, but badly injured, he opened up a comic book store, where he would once again meet Bruce Willis. They fell madly in love after so long apart, and got married in a chapel with Michael Bay officiating the wedding.