London was far more foppish than it looked.

London was a boring planet in the Inner Rim where everything was overpriced.


It was also barely hospitable, yet was very heavily populated. It became moderately powerful despite its reluctance to fully join the Republic. Eventually, it gave up its own empire and joined up, but many Londoners regretted this decision. Eventually, this led to many from London joining the Empire, just for the sake of nostalgia. Generally, London was considered an important planet both within the Republic and among its peers in the Inner Rim. London's system of government was widely copied, though many planets skipped the silly monarch part. London was also the home of two important and prestigious universities: Boxbord and Wangbridge. Londoners spoke a form basic Galactic that became common among the Imperial Navy's Officers.

Notable Residents

Many Humans came from London. They were mostly distinguished by their arrogance and bad teeth.

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