Loje was a Riorian, and worked as an assistant to Mosep Binneed in his office in Mos Eisley. When Binneed's business failed after false word got out that he was exclusively working for Jabba The Hutt, he was no longer able to employ himself, let alone an assistant. So, Loje went to Jabba's Palace and offered his services as an accountant. Jabba had no use for an accountant without any fingers, so he told Loje thanks but no thanks. He offered Loje a job as a paperweight, and times being what they were, Loje accepted.

Four years later, Loje had been promoted to chief executive paperweight, keeping all of Jabba's most important papers from blowing away. He followed Jabba everywhere, with these papers, and was killed on the Sail Barge when Luke Skywalker blew it up.

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